Welcome to the St. Bernard Catholic School website! It is here that we intend to share our goals, calendar, news and program information with current and prospective families.

Our mission is to create a learning community in the rich tradition of the Catholic faith that nourishes each student’s faith, intellectual curiosity and commitment to service. At St. Bernard our focus is on forming our students into faithful disciples that live the Gospel message through both their words and actions. We also place an emphasis on showing our students the importance of respecting themselves, their families and their community. Our students are challenged academically through our rigorous curriculum that prepares our students to become 21st century learners who can communicate effectively through speech and writing. It is our goal that our students see the value of service and we believe that every child has gifts that we help them recognize and share with others. As Catholics, we focus on forming active individuals who follow the example of Christ by participating in acts of outreach and service to others, especially the disadvantaged.

Here are some of our biggest initiatives this school year:

  • Our Accreditation visit for WASC will be March 7th, 8th and 9th, 2017. The Fall will be spent
    preparing for this.
  • We will be attending professional development days this year which will focus on Core Instructional Practices and methods to differentiate our curriculum to our diverse learners.
  • There will be upgrades to our wireless network this year with the goal of increasing our bandwidth in order to accommodate our devices now and as our needs increase in the future.
  • The faith formation of our students is always a priority and our teachers are exploring how they can integrate the faith throughout the curriculum.

My hope is that you join us as we continue to build St. Bernard into a dynamic Catholic School community. We look to partner with our parents in the formation of their children and believe that the family is a place for prayer, learning, forgiveness, service, a place to affirm one another and a place where justice and mercy are modeled. We believe that the family and the school should work together to live our faith and grow in faith. We also believe that any family and all of our student’s are called to recognize that they are called to be used for the Lord’s purposes.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mr. Philip D. McCreary
Principal, St. Bernard Catholic School

From Fr. Perry D. Leiker, Pastor


New beginnings always present new opportunities. As we begin the new school year, we have amazing opportunities before us. Not only are the obvious opportunities out there before us: new things to learn; new friends to make; new ways to grow. These are pretty much true every year in every school. But this year presents some special opportunities. This year begins a year of opportunity to grow technologically here at St. Bernard’s. This is truly preparing our youth for the future! This is new opportunity also for me as the new Pastor of the parish and school. What an exciting adventure to begin a new pastoral experience with this wonderful parish and school. I hope our experiences together with be filled with grace and blessings and lots of joy – “the infallible sign of the presence of God”. Welcome back to the old-timers. Welcome to the new members of our school community. May we be blessed by one another as we form this community of faith, love and learning!

Fr. Perry D. Leiker