As our mission states, St. Bernard Catholic School expects students to be committed to service. In light of this, we are requiring students in all grades to participate in service to the school, church or larger community. Opportunities for service will be offered by the classroom teacher, the principal and the church and will require the student to reflect on the service in writing. These reflections will be part of the Religion grade.

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Grades K-2 10 hours
Grades 3-5 15 hours
Grades 6-8 25 hours

VIRTUS Training

ALL ON-CAMPUS PARENT VOLUNTEERS must complete VIRTUS training. CLICK HERE to register.

Parent Volunteer Program

Volunteering is an excellent opportunity for you to get involved in the parish community, and you are strongly encouraged to invest your time in both school and church activities. Your involvement along with that of everyone else is what makes our community strong and prosperous. Each family is required to volunteer 30 hours annually. Parents who do not to complete the required number of service hours will be assessed a fee of $25.00 per uncompleted hour.

How Can You Help?

  • Parent Teacher Organization
    Leadership Positions/Attend Meetings
  • Carline (7:25-7:50 AM, 2:55-3:15 PM)
    Assist in the safe entry and exit from school.
  • Lunch Duty (12:00-1:00 PM)
    Supervision of daily Lunch period.
  • Fundraisers
    Work on Walk-A-Thon, Candy Sale, Fashion Show, and Donut Sales.
  • Sports
    Coaches, Assistant Coaches for JV and Varsity.
  • Room Parent
    Assist teachers, help organize student activities.
  • Office Help
    Work in the office: Data Entry, Send in needed supplies (paper, ink, etc.).
  • Faculty Room
    Help keep faculty room stocked with coffee and supplies.
  • Maintenence
    Clean the Library/Faculty Room once a week, or help with other needs
  • Student Activities
    Halloween Carnival, Donor Thank you’s, Egg Drop
  • Hospitality
    Back-to-School coffee, Teacher Appreciation meals.
  • Madrnias/Padrinos
    Serve as a host family to a new family, help with marketing the school through parish and community activities.
  • Supplies
    Purchase supplies such as paper, ink cartridges, and other needed items.