Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Bernard's Student Learning Expectations (SLEs), introduced formally in the fall of 2010, were written to reflect the revised mission and philosophy of the school. Understanding how the SLEs stem from our mission and philosophy helps create a culture with a common vision for high student achievement.


...who participate fully in the life of the church by: living both a liturgical and personal prayer life; living the message of Christ with others through their actions and words; respecting the gift of self, family and community.


...who put forth their best effort and employ appropriate strategies in the pursuit of excellence knowing that hard work and persistence will lead to success by: employing a variety of strategies to learn and access information; communicating effectively through speech and writing; recognizing that responsibility and accountability are key ingredients to academic success.


...who follow the example of Christ in their outreach and service to others by: respecting the diversity of religion, race and cultures; recognizing the need in others and taking positive action; recognizing their gifts and sharing them freely with others.